Oil and Water (a quiz)

Friday is quiz day! Right? In elementary school, quizzes came on Fridays. Math quizzes: to be taken only in pencil. Spanish quizzes: filled out while kneeling on the floor and using our plastic chairs as desks. (Wait, what? Come to think of it, I guess they couldn't afford desks for all the rooms.) Spelling quizzes: at least one of my teachers had me sit in the back of the room and grade everyone else's spelling tests. That's a good way not to make friends, let me tell you.

Spelling quizzes, at least, must be out of fashion these days, judging by the letter I just read from a 12-year-old who spelled "door" D-O-R-R.

Anyway, in honor of Friday, and since the latest effort to slow down that oil gushing into the ocean might have worked (!), I wrote you a quiz.

1. Which of the following does NOT describe an attempted method of oil-spill control?
a. Setting the oil on fire
b. Underwater robots
c. 100-ton steel dome
d. "Top Hat"
e. "Junk Shot"
f. "Last Shot"
g. "Top Kill"

2. What is the best way to clean an oily seabird?
a. Scrubbing Bubbles
b. Dawn
c. Pledge
d. OxiClean

3. Of the five sea turtle species that live in the Gulf of Mexico, how many are endangered?
a. None, thank goodness
b. 2
c. 3
d. 5

4. Which of the following has NASA, watching from above, NOT used to describe the changing shape of the oil slick?
a. The letter "J"
b. The letter "U"
c. A tilde
d. A swan

5. BP (BP_America) has 7,800 followers on Twitter. A fake BP account called BPGlobalPR (most recent tweet: "What a gorgeous day! The ocean is filled with the most beautiful rainbows!" #yourewelcome #bpcares) has almost:
a. The same number of followers
b. Twice as many followers
c. Five times as many followers
d. Ten times as many followers

Answers are in the comments. (Photo credit: NASA/Goddard/MODIS Rapid Response Team)

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