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Name That Cross Section!

Scroll down through this sequence of pictures. What do you see?

If you said "an artichoke as seen by an MRI machine," you're right! (And this guy would like to talk to you.) 

Andy Ellison is an MRI technician at the Boston University School of Medicine. He first put an orange through the machine one day to make sure it was working correctly. "A problem with the scanner would show itself with most fruits and veggies," he explained to Science. But it turned out that the inside of an orange was pretty cool in its own right. So Ellison started scanning all kids of produce and posting the videos online.

You should definitely go to Ellison's blog, Inside Insides, and watch a few of the videos. Following the scanner through its vegetable odysseys is a little bit like traveling through black hole, or maybe being digested by a squid.

In the meantime, see if you can identify these produce items. Bonus points if you spot any ligament tears.

Answers are in the comments. 

All images from Andy Ellison,


  1. 1. broccoli
    2. watermelon
    3. bananas
    4. cabbage

  2. Oooooh, very cool! I got the first one and the last one. I had no idea watermelon had septations into perfect thirds like that!


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