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Battle Tactics (a quiz)

Have you been following the top science news stories? Are you an excellent guesser? Find out here.

1. To deal with the ongoing crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, Tokyo Electric Power Company has called in a group of:
a. Boy Scouts
b. NASA engineers
c. robots
d. dogs

2. Scientists in New Zealand who encouraged ants and wasps to battle over food observed what never-before-seen behavior?
a. The wasps picked up ants in their jaws, flew up in the air, and dropped them.
b. The wasps bit the ants' heads off.
c. Groups of ants clung to the wasps' legs, preventing them from flying away.
d. The ants and wasps chose to share the available food instead of fighting.

3. Archaeologists are abuzz over a finding in Texas confirming that:
a. Neanderthals lived in North America.
b. Humans settled in Texas about 2,000 years earlier than previously thought.
c. Early North Americans ate dogs.
d. Ancient "arrowheads" were never actually attached to arrows.

4. In a major breakthrough, an MIT chemist announced this week that his team had built the first practical version of an artificial:
a. eye
b. nose
c. cloud
d. leaf

5. People behave more kindly, according to a recent social psychology study, after they:
a. ride an up escalator
b. ride a merry-go-round
c. swing on a swing
d. go through a revolving door

Answers are in the comments. Inkfish does not endorse doing battle with wasps or any other arthropod.

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