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Happy Hiatus!

Hi, friends. I'm going to be away from this space for about a week and a half, so I'm leaving some nibbles to tide you over till I get back.

I thought about listing some "most popular" posts, but, well, you may have read those already. So instead, here are some less-loved posts from the past. Why less loved? Funny story; at the beginning of the summer, there were one-fifth as many of you reading as there are now.* While I'm away, why not share your favorite Inkfish story with a friend, or follow me here or on Twitter?

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Science's Biggest Cancer Questions: What does the National Cancer Institute think are the most pressing unanswered questions about cancer? Featuring obesity, Alzheimer's disease, and sea turtles.

The One Funny Thing: You'd be surprised what shows up in the Methods section.

Little People, Big World: Tricky sensory illusions make you feel like a giant--or a Barbie.

Depression and the Loss of Old Friends (and Worms): An intriguing hypothesis links mental illness to a lack of dirt in our lives.

Woo Hoo, Witchy Woman: I love the New York Times, but sometimes they publish stupid stories about ovulating women in ponytails.

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*Thank you.

Photo: Wikipedia/albert kok

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