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OK. I realize that by this point I am so late to jump on the blog-wagon that it's even a cliche to acknowledge how late I am. I'm so far behind the curve that not only does my dad have a blog, but my grandparents were the first to tell me about it. ("Do you read your father's blog?") The first three domain names I tried had already been claimed by people who started, and abandoned, their pages in 2004.

In the age of Twitter, it feels almost quaint to expect people to pay attention to me for more than twelve or so words. But I've decided it might be fun to use this space to share things that I think are interesting. A lot of what I find interesting is science-y, so there will be some of that. Be forewarned.

"Inkfish," by the way, is another name for creatures such as octopuses and squid (to go along with "shellfish," "whitefish," and so on). You may know that octopuses and their ilk are scarily intelligent, but did you also know that an octopus can squeeze its body through any space that's bigger than its eyeball? And that "octopi" is an incorrect plural, since the word comes from Greek and not Latin? I also learned, while searching for a blog title unclaimed by someone's failed early-aughts ambition, that there's a Hawaiian creation myth saying ours is only the most recent in a string of failed universes. The only remnant of these previous, alien worlds is the octopus.

That's interesting, right?


  1. Is that why we think of Old Ones like Cthulhu as octopus-like?

  2. Ooh...I like this...I'll read yours if you read mine!

  3. Katie: Deal!
    Homer: I don't know...I'm not a doctor.


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