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Blogday Octopus

Thank goodness my office octopus was watching the calendar, or else I would have missed my second blogday entirely.

It's been quite a couple of years. I've stayed up late writing about missing snow and synesthesia; I've gotten up early to search for images of drunken flies, problem-solving crows, and mustached monkeys. I yawned roughly nine thousand times while working on a story about yawning triggers, and ruined two meals working on a piece about placenta eating. I may have covered every breaking news story in the field of poop.

And every day I've been surprised and happy to see you--yes, you--reading, sharing, commenting, liking, tweeting, Stumbling and Digging (the last two are especially appropriate, given my propensity for poop stories). Thank you.

If you want to celebrate with Octopus and me, why not comment on a post sometime? We'd love to hear your voice. Or send a story to a friend! The more the merrier, as I'm pretty sure they say under the ocean. Unless you're a top predator species or something that lives alone under a rock.


  1. Hi Elizabeth,
    I have enjoyed reading your blogs...some strange...some funny...some really weird, but always interesting. How does my granddaughter, who seems perfectly normal come up with these ideas, especially the "poop" blogs?

  2. I'm a devoted lurker.

    Happy blogday!

  3. Grandmom: You're a good sport for putting up with all the weird and gross stuff! They say to picture your audience when you write, but I admit I usually try NOT to picture my grandparents.

    Abeille: Thanks for saying hello!

  4. Congrats! It's always fun to see what you'll write about next :)

  5. Not much to say, other than I LOVE YOUR BLOG!
    And... THANK YOU!

  6. Elizabeth: Congrats to you too on your 1st blogday!

    Michael: Thanks for your kind words!


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