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12 Days of Inkfish, Day 7: Yearbook

With the year drawing to a close, Inkfish's class officers have chosen superlatives to bestow on the posts of 2012. Please note that a prom king and prom queen were not elected this year because everyone was too busy cheering on the mathletes. (Hey, wildfires in the Cretaceous won Most Popular. Anything's possible.)

Most Popular

Cutest Couple

Class Clown

Worst Hygiene

Most Talkative

Most Athletic

Class Goth

Most Likely to Attend Culinary School*
*This post was also nominated for Most Disgusting Use of an Innocent French-Toast Photo.

Most Likely to Join AA

Best Mustache 

Thanks for taking a minute to reflect on 2012 with me; I'll see you next year. Have a great summer!

Image credits can be found at their respective posts.

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