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Happy Blogday! Help Me Rename This Site

Inkfish is three years old today!

One great thing about blogs that doesn't apply to real three-year-olds is that you can change their name and appearance at will. I'm getting tired of "Inkfish"—too mysterious, too many creepy arms. Too much guilt about mistakenly calling octopus arms "tentacles" on occasion.

So I'd like to give the blog a new name and a new look. Below are several directions I'm considering. I hope that you, readers, will weigh in.


Welcome! You Probably Got Here by Googling Your Juice Cleanse Symptoms
Tagline: Or Searching for Ionic Foot Detox Reviews
Alternate tagline: I Write About Other Stuff Too. Check It Out When You're Less Hazy
Banner art: a weeping woman with her feet in a small tub of brown water. Foregrounded, a glass of kale juice with a party umbrella.
Inspiration: juice cleanses, foot detox, everything else.

Why I Couldn't Hang Out Last Night
Banner art: a blogger on a couch in a dark room, gently lit by the glow of the laptop screen.
Inspiration: purely fictional.

Every Study About Penguins
Banner art: penguins.
Alternate art: not penguins. Irony could increase my readership among hipsters.
Inspiration: penguins, penguins, penguins, penguins, penguins.

The Loom
Banner art: portrait of Carl Zimmer.
Inspiration: trying to lure Bing users who are searching for Carl Zimmer's blog, The Loom.
Potential complication: lawsuit.

Animals with Things on Their Heads
Banner art would be a rotating selection of photos: crabs wearing GPS devices, pigeons carrying cameras, penguins with earmuffs, and this seal.
Inspiration: animal stalkingpigeons.

Girl That Poops Flowers
Alternate title: Most Inconvenient Moments to Have Narcolepsy
Banner art: a mouse that's quiet—too quiet.
Inspiration: unusual internet searches addressed at the help desk.

Adventures in Bodily Fluids: An Ongoing Quest to Make My Grandmother Admit She Doesn't Love Everything I Write
Banner art: the empty vanilla ice cream bowl I considered using to illustrate a story about sperm-eating flies.
Inspiration: see above.


Please leave your votes in the comments (or just say hello). Thanks for your help, and thanks as always for reading!


  1. Happy birthday Elizabeth's blog! I think it's a great idea to switch things up by changing your blog's name. All your suggestions really cracked me up!

    But while the new names are all very amusing they're also very confusing. This is just my two cents, but maybe you should also consider some names that are a bit more descriptive of what your blog is about. This may help new readers to find you.

    Also, are you planning on changing your URL? If you do, everyone who's currently following you will have to reset their book marks, etc. Plus, you'll lose whatever Google juice you currently have. Just a thought.

  2. Happy Blogday!
    I like the current name, and many of the ideas you proposed sound great, and my favorite are:
    -The Loom (well, the idea is entertaining)
    -Girl that poops flowers
    -Animals with things on their heads
    Anyway I'll still be reading (and telling people about) your blog.

    Saludos from México!

  3. So many great options, it's hard to choose. Maybe go with "The Lööm" but photoshop Carl Zimmer's hair and glasses onto a penguin? The umlauts and penguin may protect you from a copyright suit.

  4. Matt: Excellent suggestions. I'll start practicing my double-umlaut pronunciation.

  5. I love Matt's suggestions, but can't help being partial to Animals With Things On Their Heads.


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