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On the Road with the Shambulance

Hello from the land of boxes!

I'm about to move across the country, so there will be a brief hiatus from new stories here. But in the meantime, please enjoy some travel-themed reruns.

The Shambulance is a vehicle with an identity crisis (it might travel by land, sea, or space, and is potentially horse-drawn). It's also a series on this blog examining dubious health fads. Below, you'll find its complete voyages.

It has been, I think you'll agree, a twisted journey.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ionic Foot Detox Baths (June 2012)
Hint: Don't.

Ab Toning Belts (or, Muscle Tone Is All in Your Head) (July 2012)
This goofy infomercial product blew my mind. But not because it works.

Zero-Calorie Noodles? (August 2012)
The only Inkfish post ever to involve a taste test.

Infrared Body Wraps (September 2012)
Be glad this doesn't work.

5 Reasons Not to "Cleanse" Your Colon (October 2012)
#3: It's rude to firehose your friends.

Copying Roger Clemens Won't Help You Lose Holiday Pounds (November 2012)
The dirt on vitamin B12 shots.

Enough Already with the Juice Cleanses (January 2013)
In which a salesperson suggests I fast for five straight weeks.

Deer Antlers Are Not Unicorn Horns (February 2013)
Some professional athletes are confused about this.

Reflexology and Other Stories (April 2013)
Non-traditional non-Chinese medicine.

Laser Lipo Only Kind of Sucks (July 2013)
Surprisingly, the least sketchy place the Shambulance has traveled.

If you'd like to suggest a future destination for the Shambulance to drive, climb, dive, or teleport to, leave your suggestion in the comments!

Image: taken by me with my iPhone because we already packed the camera cord.

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