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Year-End Roundup: Your Favorite Stories

With the end of a year--and, depending how you're counting, the end of a decade--upon us, top-ten lists are everywhere. Top ten science insights of the aughts! "Top 10 Everything"! Since this inkfish can only count to eight, here are eight of inkfish's most-read stories from 2010. (And since playing favorites is for vertebrates, they are in no particular order.)

Reasons for Short People to Gloat
How relativity is affecting your toes differently from your nose, and why tall people live in the past.

What to Say to Climate Change Deniers
A toolkit.

Do-It-Yourself Linguistics
Study whatever English-language trends you're interested in, from irregular verbs to Nazis to plate tectonics.

Scientific drama concerning a poorly understood illness.

I Think I Can! (Do Physics)
College professors use a simple exercise to disarm stereotype threat and boost female students' grades.

Muscle Memories
Your muscles are eager to return to their former glory. How this affects you, cheating athletes, and annoying people in your gym.

Daring to Discuss
New York Times columnist John Tierney argues that women are inherently, just a little, don't get angry now, dumber at science. I disagree.

Elevate Your Performance!
Seriously creepy shoes.

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